Do You Know The Application Fields And Requirements Of Bearings?

Bearings are everywhere, in all aspects of our lives and work, such as household appliances, garden tools, transport and so on. For different application scenarios, different bearings play different roles.

bearing application in the car

In motorbikes and cars, starter bearings, crankshaft bearings, gearbox bearings and wheel bearings are common bearings. These bearings need to have the ability to withstand intermittent shock loads, as well as good dust resistance and reasonable internal clearance. For wheel bearings, specific greases are required due to the high speeds and forces involved and place higher demands on the raw materials used in their production. Compared to motorbike bearings, automotive bearings are subject to more complex forces and operating conditions.

Lawn mowers in garden tools are one representative application. The gearbox requires extremely high sealing of the bearings, which must not allow grease from the box to seep into the bearings or leak. In addition, the pressure in the gearbox is high and the bearings need to have a specific pressure relief function.

In office automation tools, bearings need to have good characteristics such as low noise, high temperature resistance and low starting torque. Photocopiers also place higher demands on the electrical conductivity of bearings. These are usually miniature bearings, most of which are thin-walled series, some of which require flanged designs and place greater demands on manufacturing processes and equipment precision.

In medical equipment, bearings need to have basic requirements such as low torque, low noise and good flexibility, while the safety characteristics of the bearing material, the safety characteristics of the bearing grease, the rust resistance and service life of the bearing also need to be considered.

In addition to the above-mentioned industries, bearings used in industrial motors are often subjected to heavy loads and harsh environments. Bearings in domestic appliances such as air conditioners and washing machines also have very stringent requirements for low noise and high rotational accuracy.

SRG-Bearing offers a wide range of bearing products for many industrial applications. Our high-precision rolling bearings are used in wind turbines and machine tools, our linear components are used in production lines and our automotive components are fitted in almost all well-known cars. No matter which industry you serve, we can provide a comprehensive solution. Please feel free to contact us if you need us.

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